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Thank you for visiting my blog, it means allot to me

My name is Edna, cant get any simpler than that, hu? Well i am 18 year old woman and if you want know more about me, click on the last scarf on the top left corner.
Everything you'll be seeing will be about reblogs of HTTYD along with the upcoming Sequel, ROTBTD, and probably other stuff that doesn't belong in this category...
Also if you speak Spanish and you feel more comfortable messaging me in Spanish, come talk to me its all good!

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Hey How To Train Your Dragon fandom!







There has been a post going around where people are sharing their birthdays, and it gave me an idea: I’m going to make a calendar with everyone in the fandom’s birthday’s on it! Since things got a little disorganized with the other post, please reblog this and add your birthday! 

May 25

December 27

January 22!

February 6

April 6 :)

Aug 13

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